What are you waiting for to earn tokens using Uy!? Join the funniest decentralized social network. It's free, safe, private and cannot be censored by anyone.

Uy! proposes an innovative platform integrating social media, marketplace and streaming. No central entity that can censor the content, but user-regulated. Uy! offers a token reward system, that encourages good use of the network and care for the community.

Now you can:

Interact on the social network with photos:

Soon you will be able to:

Collaborate in the growth of the community and earn tokens.

Each new referral you bring will generate income for you.

Be an active member and earn tokens.

Each comment or like you receive will generate income.

Help take care of the community and earn tokens.

Challenge the contents that you think violate the Rules of Coexistence and generate more income.

Buy and sell easily and safely.

Publish your product or service or purchase with cryptocurrencies using the network and its exclusive escrow.”


Download the Uy! app now and start earning your tokens

About us

We are a team of developers and social networks professionals.

Mariano Aguilar
Fátima C. Maldonado
Gallbers Gallardo
Pablo Macor
Fiona Castiglione

Partners & Advisors

Business model

The protocol takes a cut of each trade in the marketplace.This fee is split into two parts: one goes to users and the other is reserved for UySocial Fund. Same for polls, adversiting and other services.


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